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Loving being in business since 2004!


This page tells you about us and answers the general things we are asked around 20 times a day!
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What are we all about?
We set up at the end of 2004, having come from the contract hire & leasing industry and car manufacturers, to remove the fear about using a bone fide broker to arrange a car purchase with a main dealer - with so many other web based sellers knowing that drivers don’t know what to ask regarding the conditions associated with a price, or how to spot what may be missing in a website list of assurances, to protect themselves.

We give you as much information as we can, on pricing or availability issues affecting any car brands and models that others may not warn you about in their haste to take your order and your money.

We simply feed your order to one of our partnered normal franchised UK dealers who advertise their pricing deals through us - it’s no wonder we’re enjoying great recommendations and repeat customers. Our priority is to make everything easy and safe for the buyer. We want to make you smile because you found a great way to order a car at a brilliant price, and not pay anything (or impart your card details) to anyone other than a main franchised UK dealer.

Dealers use us (and pay us) to put pricing out to the UK public as they are putting more discount against a car than their manufacturer would want to see offered via the branded dealership. They need to use a third party like ourselves to advertise get enough sales (albeit at nil profit) to help them hit their sales targets (so they then get some bonus to make up for nil profit in the car)...but they are keeping their manufacturer happy by shifting the number of cars they are expected to sell. No mystery..just a common sense way for main dealers to get enough orders and stock sales each month.

Good honest advice is all part of the service, we’re not allianced to any particular motor group or manufacturer.

We display simple transparent prices, most models also show all the factory extras prices too, so you rarely need to ask us for a quote - our dealers’ prices are on the model pages, right in front of you..that is your quote. If you want finance figures our partners will help you.

What DON’T we do?
We aren’t one of the many brokers whose websites manage to convey the message ‘new cars’ ‘brand new’ etc without ever mentioning the important phrase ‘first registered owner’ - those websites rely on you not noticing that missing phrase.
We don’t, like many, masquerade as a rental company to offer dodgy pre-reg’ deals, and our dealers will never withold a logbook from you. If a website does not shout out loudly that will be first registered owner with an immediate logbook - you must assume you won’t be. Don’t just look at prices and words like ‘brand new’, you must ask if the car will be registered to anyone else, and will the logbook take longer than 1-2 weeks from the DVLA to get to you? If you don’t get the right answer, walk away from the deal. Anyone selling the car without the logbook going in your name right away is simply having to hide the fact they’ve sold it to you. It is not normal practice (even though some motoring forums/columns still display the deals - as they are hungrier for that seller’s advertising money than ensuring you know what you’re buying into) and it is totally unacceptable - by witholding a logbook - to prevent you fulfilling your insurance and DVLA obligations to notify them as the registered keeper.
Neither do we display misleading pricing that does not make it clear if it is part of a finance package deal only
We only take your contact details to enable our dealer to call you at the appropriate point, we never take, or hold, your credit card number for a new car order and we never take any money from you at any stage.

How do I Order?
You use our webpages to get your price, or use our online enquiry form to ask questions, then when you are ready to order - having noted the pricing and spec’ of your car from our website you can use the red Order button on each car model page to fill in your request - we simply put one of our dealer partners in touch with you within 24hrs (weekdays) to confirm your order a take your deposit.  You can click on the red “Order” button on each car model page to go to the ordering request form 7 days a week. The main UK franchised dealer will take over from that point and look after you and your order direct, just as when you buy from a dealership closer to your home. 
Car dealerships are simply shopfronts for a brand of car, you can buy from any of them. You simply arrange your car order with our partnered dealers by telephone (if you take their manuf’rs finance offers you may have to visit them to sign finance paperwork, but we can advise you appropriately).

Do I ever have to pay you anything??
You pay us nothing at any point! That is important. If you are paying a broker/web based company money, how do you know they are financially secure to hold your credit card details or deposit? How do you know they’ll pass it to a dealer, and when?

But there’s loads of internet brokers I can choose from....
Not like this there’s not. There are probably only 4-5 in the UK who operate a process where you don’t hand them any money at all. We are one of them, we simply put you and a dealer offering a high discount in touch so you can buy direct. We don’t charge you an intro’ fee.  Most brokers require you to hand credit card details, deposits, or final balances to them (so you are buying from a re-seller, not a dealer, this may not be apparent until it’s too late)...and many will be less than clear on their website that this usually means the car’s logbook may not be made available to you for some months to enable you to have your name put on it  (this disables from you from meeting your obligation to inform the DVLA that you are now responsible for the vehicle, and may also affect your insurance policy).
It’s very easy for these re-sellers to set up. Many UK drivers found out the hard way in May 2008 when a large broker who took deposits and final balances direct from customers had not, in fact, then paid the dealers for the cars. The drivers could not get their cars and had to try and obtain money back from their credit card companies or other funders.

I want to buy from a franchised dealer
You are doing!

We simply put a normal franchised dealer in touch with you once you are happy with the price etc. You aren’t buying ‘on the internet’ - we just have a website to show you the prices our dealer partners are happy to sell at (you aren’t buying from us...our websites simply display pricing normal dealers have offered in return to get the volume of sales we can bring to them)

Will you part exchange my old car?
Our dealers offer the prices based on NOT having to also take a part exchange, if you try to throw a PX into the equation at the last minute, the deal is voided. Simple as that.

Surely I have to visit a dealership to order a new car?
No..just like ordering anything these days, all the ‘shop’ (i.e. the dealership) needs to know is what you want to order, your contact details and a deposit! You don’t have to endure 2hrs in a showroom to do that...order your car by telephone. The dealer simply sends you a copy of your order and deposit receipt, and talks you through arranging your final a balance payment at the appropriate time. The only instances where you’d need to attend the supplying dealer is if  a) it is one of the brands where we price the cars based on collection rather than delivery (each page has an “Included” button to tell if you if that model is offered based on collection or delivery), or b) where you want to take up the manufacturer’s you’d need to sign the finance documents on the dealer’s premises to comply with FCA regulations etc but this can usually be done on the day the car is ready so you can then drive it home the same day

Why would a dealer give you more discount than they’ll give me?
Simple mathematics. If you go into a dealership to negotiate with a showroom salesperson (who needs to earn commission) and you are only offering them the potential sale of one car, compared to DealDrivers - who agree their prices with the owners of dealerships and motor groups on a multi-brand basis, as we are feeding hundreds of orders into them each year, who is going to get the bigger discount?

So might the dealer you use be the same one I’ve tried to get a deal from?
Yes, it could be if - by coincidence - you live in the area where one of our partnered dealers is, to whom we steer a large number of our customer’s orders.

Why won’t my local dealer offer the same deal? 
Think of it this way, would you be able to buy a single item cheaper from a retailer by offering them just one sale - than someone offering the same retailer 100 orders in the same week? Not hard to work out who’ll get the cheaper per-unit price! That’s what we do- funnel orders into a small number of dealers per brand, meaning every driver gets a discount based on the combined (and very desirable!) volume we can give the dealers who partner us.
Other points to bear in mind... all or just one may be relevant in your own local dealer’s case:
1) He may not want to try and reach his volume targets as he knows his small local customer base is not big enough to enable him to do that very often, so he decides to make a profit in each single car sale instead, meaning lower discounts locally. Nothing wrong with his decision, it is each dealers’ own business choice.
2) He may not want, or have, any broker supply relationships to get that extra volume he needs to make up for needing to give more discount away.
3) All dealers are given the same profit margin and bonuses on vehicles by their manufacturer. It is up to each dealer to set his own discounts based on what he needs to cover his premises and staff overheads, and what he thinks his local marketplace can stand - in terms of price...hence so many geographical variances.
4) If we do, by coincidence, put a local dealer in touch with you whom you’ve already approached, the price we get is lower simply because he’s getting dozens of orders from us, whereas the salesman you approached individually could only discount based on the fact you’d only be buying one car and as a showrrom salesman needs to earn commission

So ..I don’t really need to do all this work trying to beat a dealer down using internet quotes?
Nope! We’ve already done it and made it easy for you. Tell us what you want, we’ll sort out the price for you and put a main franchised dealer in touch once you’re happy with the arrangement we’ve found for you. They’ll look after you direct from that day forwards.

What if anything goes wrong with my new car? 
It is exactly the same situation as if you’d ordered it through your local dealership. Dealerships are just local franchised shopfronts for a brand of car (just the same as a John Lewis or Marks & Spencer is the local shopfront for their branded products, it doesn’t matter which of their shops you buy it from, it’s still come from the same factory). Your warranty on a new car is from the manufacturer, not the dealer who processes your order.
A manufacturer doesn’t expect you to stay living near the same dealership for the time you own a car, you can take your car to any authorised servicing or repair centre for that brand to have work done on it under warranty etc.
To put it into perspective, how do you think the thousands of company car drivers get their cars repaired and they aren’t bought from each driver’s local dealership either!?

I just want to use my local dealer, but get him to match your price. 
Not really fair on your local dealer that one (or on us!) want him to remember you for the right reasons, not the wrong ones, when you use him for servicing once you own the car.
Bear in mind how we get our discounts. You are expecting your local dealer to offer the same discount as our partnered dealers - but with none of the benefits - like other large volumes of orders to make up for it, so why should he?  He is only getting your one single sale at little or nil profit, whereas our partnered dealers give the discount in return for hundreds of orders - to enable them to make a profit overall by hitting their unit sales targets using our order volume.
Also, why not use us and our dealers? We’ve got the price, done the work, so why try so hard to give your order to someone else who wouldn’t have been prepared to offer you the same deal without some duress, just by asking them to match our deal. Why not just buy from our dealers?
The more people who use a service like ours (based on “strength in numbers”), means the better the prices become, as the volume-of-sales leverage we get from the numbers involved helps to increase the discounts overall for everyone. If you don’t use us, you may lose us!

Does anything ever go wrong with car orders?
There is no franchised dealer in the land that doesn’t get problems from time to time. The dealers are localised agents of the car manufacturer, so are at the mercy of how efficient that manufacturer and its suppliers/distributors are. In our time we’ve seen it all, from ships carrying 000’s cars sinking halfway across the channel, to cars on the top space at the front of a two-tier transporter hitting a bridge. There’s not much we haven’t come across during our time in the car industry!
A dealer can correctly order a car but the plant can misbuild them occasionally if there’s a component code glitch, or a specification is wrongly coded on the production line. A manufacturer can have a parts shortage, meaning extended delivery times at very short notice. A dealership can be taken over by a new motor group during the course of people’s orders, meaning a small delay while a new owner takes over their orders and paperwork, and there can be a change of contact at the dealership for you.
Wherever you place your order, you are likely to get a great experience, or be one of the very small number of the hundreds of thousands of new drivers in the UK each year who suffer a ‘hiccup’ somewhere in a long process of a factory order. Unfortunately, the problems are shouted about much more loudly than the hundreds of thousands of normal orders that go through without any issue at all ...and you never hear anything about!

On every brand we’ve worked with in our careers of ordering cars, we’ve seen manufacturers deliver wrong cars to dealers, dealers having to sort out problems as cars are unloaded by transporter drivers, dealership administrators mis-keying a factory option code on an order so the car arrives incorrectly even though the salesman correctly specified the car. Just as in your own job, mistakes by machine or by human can occur, but on a car these are expensive mistakes so all franchised dealers do work very hard to have checks in place.
DealDrivers have long term relationships with their dealers, unlike many brokers who have to change dealers throughout the year. We’ll always try to help and use our leverage with the dealers...they will do all they can as their revenue depends on them being able to successfully register and hand over vehicles to ensure they hit their sales target. The same ordering process will be gone through regardless of which UK dealer you place your order through.

New Registration Plates
If you are a driver who likes to be one of the first to get a new plate on the road on 1st March or 1st September, bear in mind the pressure the dealers are under in those early stages of each new plate month is immense, as many drivers want to be an ‘early plater’ and our dealers get 20x the number of handover requests for the first few days of those months than they can actually handle  - so complaining that you didn’t get a relaxed 2hr handover afterwards is no good if you’ve insisted on having your handover during those pressure points! Just be realistic about a process where human beings can only fit so much into the day! Our heavy-volume dealers can be delivering up to 60 cars a day at those periods, one salesman can only hand 4-5 cars over a day himself at the dealership, if he gives each one up to an hour, and he is still to have time to complete paperwork, respond to email enquiries, grab a sandwich, and take phone calls too . Late arrivers for their handovers, or failure to arrange insurance, all add to the pressure at these times of the year.

Do you do anything else at DealDrivers?
Yes - DealDrivers is our limited company under which we operate some other business areas using their own trading styles. 
FleetDrivers helps companies buy or lease cars and vans
  and .. we sell maritime and coastal art through too! Antique and contemporary work...


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