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Loving being in business since 2004!


 Simple & Safe! We are a pricing and quoting agency enabling you to order some of the UK's cheapest new cars and vans safely and normally from main franchised dealers (not car supermarkets or other resellers). No cars have any logbook retention period. You never hand a penny to us. We simply put the main dealer in touch with you if you want to go ahead.

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How much does using your service cost?
Nothing, it is completely free to order a car through our dealers. We pass high volume sales into motor groups and dealers, reaping larger discounts as a result. Our income for all brands is reaped from the motor groups and dealers paying us a small introduction fee based on the volume sales. Our customers can jump in on the discounts we have agreed at a senior level in dealerships, usually greater than you are likely to get by trying to negotiate for just 1 car with a retail showroom salesperson. Just like using an insurance or mortgage broker to find your best insurance or mortgage deal, we find the best deal on the car you want for you then put the dealer in touch with you if you want to go ahead. We never take your credit card number from you

Where will my vehicle come from and what about warranty?
We use our partnered network of UK main dealers to pass your order request to, one of the dealers who places the pricing with us that you see on our pages. Use the ‘Included’ red button on each page to get an idea of where our dealers are for that brand and model.  When you buy a brand new car in the UK your warranty is from the is the same at all of their dealerships and you get the same warranty whichever of their dealers processes your order.  Where the car is sourced from makes absolutely no difference to your aftersales care when you need it - a new car’s UK warranty is not linked to the dealership which processed your order, it covers you in all franchised dealers and servicing centres for that brand. Dealerships are localised shopfronts for the car brand, you can buy from any of them.  To put it in perspective, if that didn’t happen then you’d be unable to move house to a new area and use a dealer at your new location for warranty and service work!

How do I know it won’t be imported or in some other way not to full UK specification?
Because we only pass your new car order request to normal main UK franchised dealers and they are unable to deal with imports. Other websites you see may use phrases such as 'UK registered', which will not necessarily mean the car was originally built for the UK market. DealDrivers just help you buy normal UK cars from normal UK dealers.

How do I actually buy the car?
You don’t have to visit a dealership to order a car! Once you’re happy with our prices from our dealers as shown on the website you can order using the red “Order” button on each page to send us your request, we simply send the dealer your final choice, with your name, address and contact details, and they will call you to introduce themselves the same day, reconfirm the quote, and look after you direct from there! We don’t take any credit card or other financial information from  you, you’ll do all that safely with the dealership. We simply do the legwork for the dealers, but they take over dialogue with you from the point you want to place an order. You pay your deposit over the ‘phone as normal to the dealer, and then arrange balance of payment at the appropriate time by whatever method you prefer. We’re simply putting a main dealer in touch with you who does the price you want, you don’t have to settle for the price your local dealer offers. Note the requirement in “Can I obtain finance for the vehicle” below about attending the dealership to sign finance paperwork if taking manufacturer finance

We never provide pre-registered or nearly-new cars unless you have asked us to find you one and unless the dealer can assure us that the car comes with absolutely NO logbook retention period. We will never offer you a car that has any period of logbook retention (very few brokers can offer this promise and their websites use clever wording to disguise that it may happen to your car!). Many other websites describe cars as 'brand new' but fail to point out that you won't be the first owner or that there will be some 3-6month delay in you getting the logbook. If a website does not shout from the rooftops that you will be 1st registered owner, it probably means you won't be. Any car you order through us can have the logbook transferred to you immediately.

How long will my quote price be available for?
Your quote is “live” at the time you get it as long as the manufacturer has stock available in time for date-restriction on the discount. We’ll always provide you with advice on any date restrictions when we quote (clearly if the manufacturer has not released any change to deals at the time we quote, we won’t know  - but will always inform you if anything happens to change the quote). So to ensure you get the price we've quoted you need to make a decision as quickly as possible. We don't say this to hurry your order up, it is genuine advice

Can I obtain finance for this vehicle?
You can arrange finance yourself, or we can obtain finance quotes for you via the dealer we link you with - offering you any special manufacturer finance incentives available for finance which they can offer you with the discounts also being offered on the car (some manufacturer offers preclude the discount we get so we’ll always show that on the car model page if we’re told that is the case by our dealers). One note: if you decide to use dealer or manufacturer finance they will usually require you to attend the dealership site to sign your finance paperwork at some point (this can usually be done the day the car is ready).

My local dealer is offering low APR/free insurance. Can you?
Provided that these are manufacturer-based offers which do not preclude situations where the dealer has used an exceptional discount instead, it will be OK. Some manufacturer-driven low APR's etc often come with poor final values on the vehicles, or the deals preclude particular discounting strategies with the APR offer (ie. you can’t have both!)...we can advise you on each occasion. It is worth re-emphasising that if you take dealership finance you will have to attend the dealer's site to sign any relevant financial paperwork.

Can I part exchange an older vehicle?
The dealers we work with offer the new car prices based on NOT having to also take in an older vehicle as part of the deal.

Remember a part exchange should be ‘last resort’, you won’t be offered close to market value on your car by part exchanging so by taking a trade price you are eating into the discount you’re working hard to achieve on your new  - by letting your old one go at less than is achievable as a private sale. Part exchanges never reap 'market value' as the dealer is doing you a favour by taking the old car off you at trade prices.

Will I need to pay a deposit?
The retailer will require a deposit from you, this is standard practice in any UK dealership. This will normally be 500 but if the vehicle’s list price exceeds 25,000 and / or it carries some high value factory options they may request a higher sum as protection against cancellation..they will do this direct with you, you don’t hand any payment details to us.

Who is my contract to purchase with?
It is safely with the car retailer. You will deal direct with a reputable franchised dealer so you are totally safe.

What if the manufacturer changes the price while I’m awaiting delivery?
Our excellent dealer relationships mean pricing is usually held. Sometimes events are outside our dealer’s control i.e. a subsequent manufacturer specification or price change affects your order prior to delivery, and is beyond the dealer’s control, we will endeavour to work with the dealer to assist you. This happens rarely and is entirely in the manufacturer’s hands, but usually involves a minor change. The dealer will let you know and discuss it with you if any change affects your order.

How do I know what is happening with my order?
The dealer we link you with for your purchase will keep you in touch with progress. If it is a factory order there may be a few weeks while it awaits build or shipment where there is little to report, so do not be concerned. Additionally, we will be monitoring progress behind the scenes with the dealer ourselves.

How do I buy accessories like mudflaps, mats, babyseats etc?
If you require dealer items such as towbars, mats, mudflaps, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, dog guards, baby seats, roof racks etc, these can be added to your quote when you speak to the dealer to place your deposit, or you can buy them locally once you have had delivery of the car. The retailer can advise you expertly.

How will my new car (or van) be delivered?
Each of the pages on a brand or model show a link to an “Included” show you whether the dealers can include delivery or not. If it is a brand where delivery is included the vehicle will arrive carefully driven by a trained and experienced driver. The delivery mileage will include that between the dealer’s distribution compound and your delivery address. Even dealers who don’t automatically include delivery will quote to deliver if you really want it...although if taking manufacturer finance you are likely to have to attend the dealership yourself.

If you require a trailered delivery we can arrange that at cost, your vehicle may still carry a few miles on the odometer at delivery, to allow for pre-delivery testing by the manufacturer prior delivery and short distances within the retailer’s distribution process.

For locations including Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scottish highlands etc the dealer will quote you individually.
Most commercial vehicles cannot be trailered.

When will I need to accept handover of the vehicle?
Customers must accept delivery of the vehicle within 2 weeks of their car arriving into the dealer’s stock unless the dealer agrees any other timescale in advance with you. Our prices are low as we help dealers move built stock quickly. Dealers will usually be direct-debited for the car by the manufacturer within 28 days max' so they need you to take delivery and provide payment well within that period to avoid them incurring accruing debt on the vehicle.

How much fuel will be in it?
The vehicle will have up to one quarter of a tank. This keeps costs down and allows you to select your own fuel provider. Some manufacturers/dealers have different policies, so if you have a specific fuel requirement on handover day, please discuss this direct with the supplying dealer

What happens if I have to cancel the vehicle before delivery?
If you have to cancel a vehicle prior delivery, you must inform the dealer (and ourselves as a courtesy please) as your contract to purchase is with the dealer. You may be subject to that dealer’s cancellation policy which may include losing your deposit (where one has been paid) and the amount will vary depending on how close to delivery the vehicle is. Costs will be higher if the vehicle is built, and even more if it has arrived in the dealer’s stock for you.

What about aftersales care?
As normal in the UK, you choose any approved brand servicing centres throughout the country. Any manufacturer-authorised site can repair and service your vehicle, there is no tie to the organisation from which the vehicle was originally sourced. You have work done wherever you are living or working at the time the car needs attention.

if something goes wrong with your new car, it is covered by the manufacturer’s UK warranty in it’s first 3 yrs (unless the manufacturer offers any different warranty at the time your car is bought), meaning you can have the problem dealt with at any of their UK servicing and repair sites, it does not have to go back to the dealership who processed your order paperwork.

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